Aaxa Tech L1v2 Laser Pico Projector

AAXA TECH, featured, HandHeld, Pico projector



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FROM AAXA: AAXA Technologies is pleased to announce the release of the AAXA L1 v2 Laser Pico Projector, an updated version of the L1, the world’s first laser powered pocket projector. The updated design improves the performance of L1 v2 by increasing the thermal efficiency of the PCOS laser light engine. The unique three-color laser light source enables the L1 v2 to produce images with amazing color saturation that are always in focus. Designed for mobile professionals and entertainment, the AAXA L1 v2 pocket projector combines a revolutionary laser light source, proprietary despeckling technology, and an LCoS imager to achieve a 20 lumen output at 800×600 resolution without the pixilation problems found in some laser projectors.

Our review:
The Good:

  • Performance: This is the Brightest Laser projector on the market. so it goes without saying that we were impressed with it.
  • Long Life: The Laser engine on this this lasts 30,000 hours!??!? That is a LOOOOONG time.
  • Onboard media player: supports popular file formats and lets you share movies, videos, photos with friends and family. as well as the onboard speaker for multimedia playback.
  • Document support: plays multiple file formats including PowerPoint, Excel,
  • Portablilty: I was quite impressed with the size of this little guy… (about the same size of 2 iphones stacked on top of each other…
  • Value: In our opinion this is easily the best projecor for your money in the class of “laser Pico” or “laser pocket” projectors

The Not so Good:

  • The user interface: Unfortunately… i have yet to find a projector that has a perfect one.
  • Fan: was a little loud at times.


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