3M MPro150 Review


The 3M Mpro150 is the final version of their first generation pico projectors ending at 640×480 resolution and 15lumens.  We felt it was only proper to review this model before progressing to their next generation models, the Mpro160 and MP180.

The MPro150 micro projector comes with what we would consider the standard host of features for pico projectors in its category, VGA, RCA, SD Card, and onboard memory.  A feature that does set it apart from the pack is the ability to execute PDFs and MS Office files.  This is a MUST for any projector to be considered in the business field in our opinion.

Any pico projector should come battery powered, otherwise it’ll lose a great deal of its portability.   The MPro150 may boast an impressive 3hr run time, but at 15lumens, it’s not that usable.