Microvision Showwx+HDMI laser pico projector

Pico projector
Microvision Show wwx+HDMI pico laser projector

Our review:

The Good:

  • Performance: 90-120 minute batterylife
  • Portability: As small are your cellphone and easy to fit into your pocket with a slick design
  • HDMI: The HDMI allows for even more connectivity than previous models

The Not so Good:

  • Brightness: At 15 lumens the room needs to be fairly dark to get a good image.
  • Media Player: No onboard media player
  • Speaker: There is no speaker built into the show wx+


AAXA P4 Pico Projector The World’s Brightest Battery Powered Projector

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AAXA P4 Pico Projector: The World’s Brightest Battery Powered Projector








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From AAXA:

AAXA Technologies is excited to announce the release of our P4 Pico projector – the world’s brightest battery-powered pico projector.  Weighing less than 1 pound the P4 Pico projector features a powerful 750mhz Windows CE mobile processor and employs a dazzling 80 lumen high-contrast optical engine powered by Texas Instrument’s DLP.  Combined with AAXA’s Vibrant-Color™ technology the P4’s next generation HD optical engine utilizes 15,000 hour LEDs  and can deliver high brightness and deep colors for a rich viewing experience up to 80”*

AAXA also offers an optional keyboard for $49.99 which is a great accessory for the P4.
It offers:

  • All-in-one wireless keyboard & mouse solution
  • Includes wireless USB adapter
  • Backlit for dim lighing presentations
  • Long lasting battery included
  • Control your P4 from 6+ feet away

Our review:

The Good:

  • Performance: The resolution and brightness for a pico projector are amazing.  This truly must be the World’s Brightest Battery Powered Projector.
  • Long Life: Unlike conventional Lamp-based projectors, the P4 LED lamp never needs to be replaced. (15,000 hours)
  • Onboard media player: We found that the built-in media player had no problem handling common media formats such as AVI and MP4 video, and WAV and MP3 audio. The P4 was able to play files directly off our USB and Micro-SD cards without a hitch
  • Portability: Small enough to fit into small bags/briefcases and even your pocket.
  • Value: at $339 this product outshines its rivals in both price and brightness

The Not so Good:

  • Menu: Was a little clunky but still very simple to navigate through.



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3M MP225 Mobile Projector for iOS Devices review


We previously covered 3M’s MP180, but today we are here to talk about the 3m MP225, their latest release of the MPRO series.

If this device looks familiar, it should.  3M has kept their Mpro line the same dimensions while making some major changes to its controls.  The 3M MP225 removes the very nice touchscreen, but is now tailored towards iOS devices and even resembles apple devices.   The projector comes with the 3M Video Cable with dock connector that is designed for connecting iOS devices, bring media content from portable device to a bigger screen.

The compact MP225 features 800×600 native resolution, LED lamp that offers 32 lumens brightness and 20,000 hours of life, built-in stereo speakers, and audio output. It can project a screen size of up to 80-inch. The device offers up to 2 hours of battery life and has built-in stand.

3m’s video cable to pair with apple devices is included when you buy the MP225 but the 3m VGA cable is sold separately.  If you want to to connect to a laptop you’ll have to buy the extra cord.