Dell M110 Released, 300 Lumens Portable Micro Projector


The new DELL released on the market looks small enough to fall under pico, but definitely bright enough for a home theater, unfortunately it lacks some features and doesn’t display too well at it’s native resolution, for the lumen count its not a bad deal. Micro and Pico technologies seem to leaping every other month, either in ability to project to ability to output all sorts of various input devices. This particular machine makes a huge leap in lumens taking the Micro category to different levels. This dell model packs a punch at 300 lumens at 1280×800 native resolution, although it proclaims native resolution it is clearly not by the various artifcats in data images. It’s built around a 20,000 hour bulb that is running a DLP engine, promised to last at least as long as the life of the item.

Dell m110 Portable Hand Held Micro Projector
Dell M110 Micro Portable Projector

Most of the market is squared into 100-200 lumens, the new 300 lumen Dell M110 might hold the torch for the current leader in Micro Technology. Although it does seem to lack some very definitive features specifically the lack of audio-out port with the only audio support coming from the 1 watt speaker. There is a way to circumvent this either plugging into the laptop, external player etc – DELL sells an accessory for the product that promises to provide big sound to the little projector. Wireless is a huge advertising feature but it actually has no on-board wireless and requires you to purchase an additional accessory that provides wireless connection via WiFi.

Launching at $539.99 price point , it is the 2nd most expensive but 1st in brightness. The Optoma Ml500 is around $650 with 200 lumens. The product is being hailed for its small form factor and also its very bright DLP lamp, but the price point doesn’t seem to justify it too much. Although 300 lumens is a far cry from 2,000 lumen projectors in board rooms – lumen count doesn’t always signify details that the eye can’t or can not see.

back dell m110 inputs
Dell m110 inputs


Catch this product at the official Dell website or Amazon.