World’s Smallest Police Chase

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With just a dash of creative talent mixed in with a couple of iPhones, iPod touches and pico laser projectors the UK duo, The Theory, have created the world’s tiniest escape story. Circumventing the need for CGI, they came up with a clever use of pico projectors and filmed the entire thing using only an HD cam and a Canon 5D DSLR.

In their words:

Directing duo The Theory presents the tiniest police chase ever seen, made using the world’s smallest ‘pocket video projectors’. Featuring an escaped convict, a determined cop and a fully armed police helicopter, Speed of Light takes ‘projection mapping’ to a whole new (and low) level.

We thought that was a pretty innovative move on their part and it shows one of the many different applications of pico projectors that can be accomplished through a spark of creativity and the tools to make it happen. Hopefully this gives all the Youtube directors out there some inspiration, especially with up coming launch of the new Samsung Galaxy Beam!


Speed Of Light from Nexus Productions on Vimeo.


Pico Projector Market: 20% Growth in 2012

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Pacific Media Associates has released a new prediction of the trends in the pico projector market. With the growth of the smartphone market, proliferation of media and streaming services, as well as the introduction of short-throw technology as well as various other important technologies such as LED which can last up to 15,000 hours.

The report outines historical and expected preformance for 3LCD, DLP, LCOS, and MOEMS-based projectors.

“Ultra-Short-Throw projectors and medium-throw projectors will remain strong segments in the projector industry, and are expected to show better than 25 perecent+ combined annual through through the forecast period.” says Dr William Coggshall – president of the Pacific Media Associates.

Let’s hope for some real innovating technologies!



Sales Chart for Pico/Pocket Projectors on Amazon; May 2012


The most varied market of Pico Projectors exists on Amazon. Carrying every possible model from the 3M’s and Optoma line to AAXA and Favi. The market has lots of players and it’s interesting to see who is really bringing in the consumers. has a list of the May 2012 sales chart which was something that was enlightning to read.

You can view the original content HERE

  1. Optoma PK301 ($320, #640)
  2. Optoma PK201 ($231, #867)
  3. Optoma PK320($406, #1,218)
  4. Microvision ShowWX+ HDMI ($369, #1,435)
  5. Aaxa P1 Jr ($108, #1,703)
  6. Optoma PK-101 ($113, #2,375)
  7. 3M MP225a ($298, #2,725)
  8. Aaxa P4 ($316, #3,764)
  9. Aaxa P3 ($299, #4,369)
  10. Optoma PK120 ($199, #5,128)

The list is quite similar to the list from last month. Optoma is still the dominant brand, and this month we see good sales from Aaxa as well.

Interesting considering the data stats for the products and the pricing for each model.

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