AAXA P300 Pico/Micro Projector Review

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Pico projectors aren’t what most people think about when it comes to home entertainment and needs. As more and more pico projectors come into the market, they tend to be smaller, brighter, and better resolution with more connectivity.


Today for review, I have the P300 Pico projector from AAXA technologies. This small pico projector is very small and fits right in the palm of your hand. This Pico P300 projector has a lot of great features like a built-in media player, long battery life, small and portable of course and it can also connect to devices like iPods, iPhones, cameras, game consoles, laptops, Macbooks, iPad, USB, SD, and pretty much anything with an AV output or HDMI output.

P300 Projector

First up we’ve got the P300 pico projector box. It’s well done, but isn’t too flashy.






Inside we can find everything packaged well. Comes with the remote, tripod, power cord, VGA cable, AV cable.










The P300 Pico Projector itself comes with a dimension of 5.9′ x 3.8′ x 1.5′ inches. On top of the P300 you’ll find a navigation pad.







There’s not much to the back, but just a solid white, and this is where the battery pack goes.







On the right side you’ll find the microSD slot, power output, AV output, and the HDMI output, as well as the on/off button.







The left side is where you find the manual focus, where you can manual change the focus of the projection.





On the front side you can find the LEDs to indicate the power and charging of the P300 projector. You can also see the lens of the projector.





The backside you can see the VGA output, USB output, and the output for earphones.





Overall the build quality is excellent, seems sturdy well made, lightweight, but it is slightly bigger than what I would expect to be a pico projector.

Picture Quality









Overall the picture quality is excellent, and these were taken with the projector at a distance around 3-5 feet. For how small the projector is, I am still surprised at how bright the 300 lumen projector actually is.

There are a few things that I really like about this projector, the first being the picture quality. I also like the fact, that I can use use external sources as well with the P300 pico projector, at the present time you can hook it up to a laptop, iPod, game console, iPad, and almost anything that uses HDMI, VGA, or AV.


The AXXA Technologies P300 Pico Projector is a great product overall, and it works as advertised and it truly surprised me by it’s quality of not only the build but the output as well.

There are some concerns I do have for it, size and pricing, but it’s not that big of a deal if you look at the big picture.

I’ve had fun with the p300 Pico Projector, and I will continue to do say, and I will continue to use the pico projectors for entertainment. I can honestly say with the small size and many features that comes along with it, it is really inexpensive for what you get.

– Light/Portable
-Really bright
-High Resolution
-Well Made
-Easy to use
-Easy to connect to external devices
-Built in media player

-More of a micro projector than pico
-Fan can be loud in quite environments
-Glossy surface picks up fingerprints


Check out the AAXA site for the Specs

AAXA launches the world’s brightest battery powered HD projector P300 pico projector

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AAXA Technologies has just released the world’s brightest battery powered HD projector. A pico projector is supposedly a projector that is very small in size/weight, and supposedly unable to produce crisp imagery. Unfortunately, the P300 is not the case. It will smash and make you re-think of whatever conceptions you may had on pico projector.

This particular device makes a huge leap in lumens in the pico projector departments. Most competing pico projectors will produce lumens from 50-150 lumens. Some of the better pico projectors may produce up to 200 lumens. But the P300 has a staggering punch at 300 lumens with 1280×800 native resolutions.

At its core is a robust ARM processor capable of internal high resolution 720p video, picture, and picture slide-show, it definitely will change the people’s perception on pico projector with home entertainment. Connectivity is also further enhanced with a VGA adapter, composite video input, and high-resolution digital HDMI connection which make connection with Apple products, computers, and external devices extremely easy.

Launching at a price of $419, the product is being hailed for its small pico projector with a very bright punch. With it’s all in one package for $419, and the numerous amounts of uses for the projector, it’s definitely something worthy to check out at P300 Pico Projector!

3M Streaming Projector has Integrated Roku Streaming Stick

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3M Streaming Projector has Integrated Roku Streaming Stick

When you think of home entertainment device, you often think of Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon, where you can instantly view the movies or TV shows that you wish to see. The Roku Lt can take this experience one step further, and can take the TV out of the equation. 3M and Roku teamed to create the 3M Streaming Projector, which is a gadget that combines a pico projector small enough to be carried in your hand with Roku’s tiny Streaming Stick.

The idea of this device is that you can watch and stream any of your desired content if you have Wi-Fi signal and a surface to watch it on. The Streaming Projector itself has a built in rechargeable lithium battery than can last up to 2 hours and 45 minutes which can cover most movies. This device uses a DLP chip, which has a quoted brightness of 60 lumens and 800×480 resolutions. This product goes on Amazon for around $300.

Roku Streaming Stick on Amazon

When you think of it, doesn’t it seem sort of pointless when you add in all these extra features such as, Roku streaming? You can already connect your pico projector with your iPhone, iPad, tablets, kindles, computers, etc. Why would you need a projector designed specifically for the Roku? You would also need wi-fi for this product, which in turns means that you would have to be near vicinity that has wi-fi. This can probably be said that there are computers, laptops, apple products nearby if there is wi-fi. So why not just connect your mobile device to a pico projector? It would have better specs and cost relatively the same price. For example, AAXA P4-X pico projector which has 80 lumens and a native resolution of 845×480 is slightly brighter and has a bigger image than the 3M streaming projector for the same price.

Whether you buy the 3M Streaming Projector or the AAXA P4-X, you must take into the account of the price, specs, and the features it offers, and you must ask yourself is everything that it offers necessary.

SmartDevices Launches Advanced Tablet with Pico Projector


Recently, SmartDevices just released a new exciting device, 7-inch Android tablet. This new age technology features a U7 tablet which includes a DLP pico projector which projects 40 lumens at (854×480) resolution.

The U7 tablet can generate projected images up to and amazing 50” in size for about 3.5 hours on full charge. This lasts more than most micro and pico projectors. Not only does the U7 tablet have projection as well as its tablet features, it runs on Jellybean, which is one of the latest operating systems.

The U7 is available in two different versions. IT is about $325 for the 1GHz OMAP 4430 processor with 8GB storage. If you add an extra $75 you can upgrade it to the $400 version for the 1.5GHz with 16 GB of storage.

The U7 tablet from SmartDevices, like many of the micro, pico, and portable projectors can make home entertainment that much easier. Experience in gaming and eBooks can be viewed not only on your tablet, but projected onto a bigger screen.