Mego Optoelectronics Android Projector Ready to Ship in US

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A few weeks ago we had noticed a new android mini projector showed up on the FCC, we were eagerly awaiting more news of this but didn’t hear anything for a while.


The ML131 is an Android-based mini projector by Mego Optoelectronics, it’s a fairly compact and seemingly powerful little guy, weighing in with 260 Lumens, and a native resolution of 854×480, this is a pretty powerful guy for how small it is.

The Android system onboard is Android 4.2, it has a built-in touchpad on the top to allow for easier control of the Android system.


The specs are pretty decent, the CPU is an ARM Cortex A8 which runs at 1GHz, it has 1GB of RAM and 8GB of internal storage.


The unit supports all of the Google apps you’d expect, including the Google Play Store so you can download third party apps and games.


The ML131 is priced at around $300 which seems to us like a great deal if it lives up to it’s own hype!

Microsoft Announced “Hololens” Hologram Glasses

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Microsoft surprised everyone at it’s Windows 10 keynote yesterday by throwing a curveball at us, a hologram producing pair of glasses, the demos were pretty interesting and cool to watch!

The glasses themselves look pretty sweet we think, it looks like some kind of futuristic VR headset, you remember the old arcade game that was basically beta AR?


These glasses are much more advanced, capable of producing entire images in your room, 3D reconstructions of items you wouldn’t normally be able to see in the real world.  They demo’d a few different things but the two that stuck out in our mind were the Minecraft and Skype demos, the Minecraft one is pictured below, it’s mainly a proof of concept at this time so it isn’t a fully functioning game, but the framework is there to create awesome things.


The other demo that was pretty cool was their main UI and Skype, imagine being able to see the person you’re talking to, floating off in your room as if they’re right there in the room with you, there will be nothing like it out there in the world.


We hope Microsoft brings this to a big market, as it would put projection capabilities to the forefront of customers.  In this case the projectors are simply pointing to screens in the glasses, but there are larger opportunities in the years to come.

Pico Projector Market estimated to grow $498.4 Million by 2018

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A new report published on gives us an update on the Pico Projector market, looks like things are steadily growing, the report estimated that between 2013 and 2014 the market grew $124.7 Million, whereas from now until 2018 it will grow $498.4 Million.


This is good news for companies who have seen hits with their products, reassurance that they’re investing their time and energy into the right products.

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With the slow down of other companies in the pico projector market, companies like 3M and AAXA who continuously pump out new products show us that you can have a great success of a company without a huge market.


Obviously this goes without saying but we at Pico-Projector-Fans hope that the market continues to grow even more, we want to see plenty of new models coming out in the next few years.