Flicks: a pico projector that covers all the bases.


For many who want to have a device that can allow them to present, watch movies, or view photos find that unfortunately there is not one device that can do all of these things well.  Usually it consists of a Bluetooth speaker, a small television or projector, and an output device such as a smart phone or tablet.  Recently a new project over on indiegogo sparked our interest when we learned that it was claiming it could combine a high quality speaker with a high quality projector so that all the user needs is their phone or a streaming stick to take their media with them on the go.

20150128010942-flicks_kitchen_mobile_700 (1)

The product is called “Flicks” and is reminiscent of the popular apple hi-fi speaker.


But what this product promises to do is so much more than that.  The flicks includes a high output 700 lumen pico projector inside of it as well as a high quality Bluetooth speaker and a large battery for extended use.  These specifications truly make it a contender for being a self-autonomous way of bringing your entertainment with you wherever you go, be it camping, an office meeting, or even just travelling.


The Flicks comes in two variants, the flicks and flicks range which gives you approximately double the projected battery of the regular flicks here is a quick breakdown of how the battery life works.


Flicks – 4 hours on projector – 28 hours on speaker

Flicks Range – 8 hours on projector – 56 hours on speaker


Also the creators of flicks say that later there will be an extended battery pack that will be available for separate purchase which will add an additional 4 hours of battery life out of either model.  It plugs into the base of the unit via a proprietary port and really meshes with the rest of the unit nicely, you would hardly know its there.


There will also be a remote available for separate purchase however no specs or pricing on the remote have been released.

The projector its self is very impressive, with 700 lumens of output and an ultra-short throw lens that is capable of making a 100 inch image at only 8.4 feet away it makes the flicks truly portable as you can make a usable image with only a few feet of space.

Flicks is currently at over 100% of it’s funding goal and there is only 11 days left to become a backer of this product.  As with any kickstarter or indiegogo project there are exclusive incentives to being a backer before the product is released so if you are interested in one of these products and are sure you want to purchase one it’s a great time to buy it early and get some freebies that may not be available for the production model.

We think the Flicks is a great product and encourage you to check out their indiegogo page for yourself: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/flicks-mobile-party-boombox-projector-for-all