Portronics launches its new, palm-sized Pico Projector at Rs 22500 in India



New Delhi: In continuation with its reputation as a leading manufacturer of portable devices, Portronics has released its latest Pico Projector which is a palm-sized device that comes fully equipped with stunning sound and projection quality.

The POR 318 Pico Projector runs on DLP technology and packs in its rectangular array, up to 8.8 million hinge-mounted microscopic mirrors.

The new device houses a 50 Lumens projector, up to an 80-inch diagonal screen length from a distance of 8-feet away. It can play multimedia content via the USB drives, SD card slot, or through a laptop/smartphone/device using the HDMI cable with the appropriate adapter. What’s new is that it can be connected through to the set-top box or Android phones.

The POR 318 includes a 1700mAh battery that lasts for more than a whopping 2 hours and 30 minutes in the standard video mode. It also features built-in speakers that are fully capable of projecting sound for an audience of 10 people in a medium-sized room. It allows users to also connect external speakers as an alternative. Finally, it comes complete with a telescopic tripod, a charging adapter, car charger, AV cable, and an instruction manual for ease of use.

Portronics’ POR 318 Pico Projector is available at a price of Rs 22,500, or $351.30 in US currency.

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