TaoTaole UC40 LED Projector Reviewed Against AAXA ST200 LED Projector


We’ve recently reviewed both the TaoTaole “800 Lumen” 854×480 projector and AAXA’s new ST200 1280×720 projector. We thought it would be interesting to compare the pint sized ST200 LED mini projector to the full size TaoTaole UC40/Abtech/Riener/Erisan/AomeTech. The findings is surprising.

Small projectors is a niche market but is growing in popularity as an entry level projector that is also portable. As with all tech gadgets progression projectors were once just for the use of business offices and school class rooms and auditorium. As the technology got smaller and more portable the uses for them arose and now we have small projectors in the market, but how do they compare to their full size bigger brothers? Let’s find out.








Let’s start with size. While the AAXA ST200 borders on the “portable” projector size category (rather than “pico” projector) the TaoTaole LED projector dwarfs the AAXA ST200 by comparison. The size difference is obvious.sidebyside_angle_dimensions

The AAXA ST200 projector has a 60 minute lithium ion battery onboard, whereas the Taotaole projector is not batter powered and must remained plugged in to be used. The nice thing about the TaoTaole projector is that the power supply is contained within the unit itself – unlike the ST200 which requires a power adapter when operating off DC wall power.



The TaoTaole UC40 is promoted to have 800 lumen brightness but we noticed that it was nowhere near that claim. In fact we tested it to be only 120 lumens white. AAXA ST200 pico projector closely match the TaoTaole projector in terms of white brightness. When it came down to quality of color there were no contest – The AAXA ST200’s triple LED design produced better vibrant and bright colors while the TaoTaole projector was only able to produce washed out colors. Although this is expected from a white LED projector, the early generation LCOS white LED projectors exhibited much of the same limitation.



From a resolution stand point the AAXA again beats the TaoTaole. The AAXA ST200 mini projector is a true high definition projector with a native resolution of 1280×720. The TaoTaole projector on the other hand wasn’t even able to produce the claimed 854×480 resolution much like the claim of the 800 lumens. It is probably due to the lens design.


Another interesting fact that we didn’t like about the TaoTaole projector but where the AAXA ST200 pico projector excelled was the throw distance. The Taotaole projector had trouble focusing at less than 5ft whereas the ST200 being a short-throw projector could produce a vary large image at 5ft and a decent sized image at just 24” making it great for small rooms like kids rooms and small offices. The Taotaole projector would need a bigger room so it can be placed further away from the wall to perform at its peak which in turn might wash the color out and effect the resolution even further.





The AAXA ST200 pico projector performance towered over it’s full sized brother the TaoTaole UC40 LED projector in almost every aspect except pricing. At only around $100 on Amazon the TaoTaole is an absolute bargain for a projector especially for someone who is looking to get one minor use. Kids would love it for cartoons, movies, and perhaps even low resolution games. The AAXA ST200 is a step above and you get what you pay for but it is a little more than double the price at $279 on Amazon. So if you’re looking for a high resolution, portable, and great image quality projector the AAXA ST200 is your ticket. If you want simple bang for the buck entry level projector performance the TaoTaole projector is a good choice.

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AXXA ST200 720P LED Projector

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