Sony PlayStation Laser Projector – Reviewed!


Sony-Projector-MPCL1-555x250Just kidding – No one has seen the Sony Playstation Pico Projector yet – but here’s some videos of similar laser projectors.  The technology at hear is a beam-steered laser, perhaps with twin imagers to achieve double the resolution of the Microvision ShowWX laser projector.  What this means  is that while twin imagers improves the brightness without increasing eye-safety issues the maximum brightness is still limited in the ~30 lumen range before the product is rated beyond a Class 3 laser.  And the realty is beam-steered laser projectors like the Microvision model while exhibiting great contrast – simply don’t deliver the lumen performance for high ambient light play.



We suggest using our setup – an AAXA P450 (or comparable) 1280×800 resolution LED projector delivering 450-500 Lumens which is a good balance of portable and performance.  Here are some pictures and videos below.

AAXA P450 – Mario Kart Wii U
AAXA P450 – Assassins Creed Unity – Xbox One
AAXA P450 – Destiny – Xbox One


Gameplay footage taken while using the AAXA P450 Projector.

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