Loading Kodi on AAXA M5 Projector with Amazon Fire stick


Projectors go hand-in-hand with entertainment.  With today’s advances in technology, it’s becoming more evident that projectors are decreasing in size and competing in brightness with full-sized projectors.  It is also becoming more evident that entertainment is only a click away on any streaming device.  But imagine putting these two objects together – a powerful and small projector coupled with a streaming device capable of playing whatever one’s heart desires – and you have opened up a whole new world of entertainment!

We took an Amazon Fire Stick, loaded it up with Kodi (which seems to be a phenomenon within itself and quite simple to do) and connected it to an AAXA M5.  The AAXA M5, which was rated the Silver Award under Top Ten Reviews Best Mini Projector article, caught our eye because of the sleek design, small form factor – it only measures 6” x 6” x 1.8” – and plethora of connectivity options.  Coming in at 900 lumens and a native WXGA resolution, the M5 was an easy choice, coming in at a price point below $500.

Within a dark room, the M5 will give you an immersive and awesome viewing experience for any media you wish to project.  Its ability to seamlessly hook up to any HDMI device just enhances what one can do with their handy, portable and powerful mini projector.  To further improve your in-home theater experience, simply hook the projector up to some good speakers and you have an incredible movie theater right in your room!

We highly suggest giving the M5 a try.  It even comes with a carrying case, which tell us this projector was meant to be taken out and about for entertainment (or presentations as well) on the go.  The only thing we would change about this M5 (if we could) would be to give it a longer battery life.  At 70 minutes, it’s not long enough to watch a feature-length film, but it’s still very handy that the option to watch anything on battery-power is there.

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