3M Streaming Projector has Integrated Roku Streaming Stick

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3M Streaming Projector has Integrated Roku Streaming Stick

When you think of home entertainment device, you often think of Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon, where you can instantly view the movies or TV shows that you wish to see. The Roku Lt can take this experience one step further, and can take the TV out of the equation. 3M and Roku teamed to create the 3M Streaming Projector, which is a gadget that combines a pico projector small enough to be carried in your hand with Roku’s tiny Streaming Stick.

The idea of this device is that you can watch and stream any of your desired content if you have Wi-Fi signal and a surface to watch it on. The Streaming Projector itself has a built in rechargeable lithium battery than can last up to 2 hours and 45 minutes which can cover most movies. This device uses a DLP chip, which has a quoted brightness of 60 lumens and 800×480 resolutions. This product goes on Amazon for around $300.

Roku Streaming Stick on Amazon

When you think of it, doesn’t it seem sort of pointless when you add in all these extra features such as, Roku streaming? You can already connect your pico projector with your iPhone, iPad, tablets, kindles, computers, etc. Why would you need a projector designed specifically for the Roku? You would also need wi-fi for this product, which in turns means that you would have to be near vicinity that has wi-fi. This can probably be said that there are computers, laptops, apple products nearby if there is wi-fi. So why not just connect your mobile device to a pico projector? It would have better specs and cost relatively the same price. For example, AAXA P4-X pico projector which has 80 lumens and a native resolution of 845×480 is slightly brighter and has a bigger image than the 3M streaming projector for the same price.

Whether you buy the 3M Streaming Projector or the AAXA P4-X, you must take into the account of the price, specs, and the features it offers, and you must ask yourself is everything that it offers necessary.

3m CP45 pico projector camcorder


3M’s cp45 projector camcorder is now available

This fun product give you the ability to record videos, take pictures and projector them.  Specifically, it has the ability to record 720 videos, 5mp pictures, has an LED flash, and 2 GB of memory.  It also comes with a 2.4″ LCD and most importantly, a SVGA (800×600) resolution 20 lumen projector.  Overall we think this is a nice product for those of you who want to have everything in one small package.  It is lacking the high end features you would get if you bought each of its main functions as individual products, but for some this is the perfect bundle.


The ability of many different products in one.

Decent picture quality


Projector is not bright enough.

Cost is a bit high.


3M MP180 micro projector review


Our last blog covered the 2nd generation micro projector from 3M, the MPro150. For this blog, we’re reviewing their latest micro projector, the MP180. The MP180 is noticeably bigger than its predecessor but also comes loaded with more interesting features, namely the touch-screen control panel. This control panel allows you to access 4GB of internal storage; built-in playback of all sorts of file types; a 2-hour battery; Bluetooth; a web browser. Quite simply, this is the most all-round practical micro projector yet.

The whole form of the MP180 feels natural, actually. Its finish is tactile and just ‘rubbery’ enough to stop it slipping too easily through our eternally clumsy fingers. The lens is at the front and the main connections are at the rear, which helps the projector maintain balance and a straight line at the wall/screen better than if it was forever having its petite form pulled sideways by side-mounted connections. This micro projector is equipped with 30lumen opticals at 800×600 resolution with 20,000 lamp life.

Connections are straightforward and remarkably flexible. The projector’s back end houses a simple but tight-fitting DC input, a mini USB port, and a VGA/AV port that can take a variety of different connectors via adaptor cables. Supplied as standard are a D-Sub adaptor and a composite video/stereo audio adaptor. Plus you also get a USB cable, a soft carry pouch, a battery, three Female RCA adaptors (giving you a means of extending the very short supplied composite/stereo audio cable), a soft carry pouch and even a surprisingly robust little desktop tripod.

Optional cables include an Apple iPhone/iPad/iPod connector, a car charger, and a component video adaptor.

There are a couple more interesting connections down the projector’s side, namely a slot for adding a microSD card, and a headphone jack. The latter of these is self-explanatory – but actually the best way to get really good sound out of the MP180 – while the former lets you add extra storage capacity to the already impressively large 4GB built into the projector’s chassis.

3M MPro150 Review


The 3M Mpro150 is the final version of their first generation pico projectors ending at 640×480 resolution and 15lumens.  We felt it was only proper to review this model before progressing to their next generation models, the Mpro160 and MP180.

The MPro150 micro projector comes with what we would consider the standard host of features for pico projectors in its category, VGA, RCA, SD Card, and onboard memory.  A feature that does set it apart from the pack is the ability to execute PDFs and MS Office files.  This is a MUST for any projector to be considered in the business field in our opinion.

Any pico projector should come battery powered, otherwise it’ll lose a great deal of its portability.   The MPro150 may boast an impressive 3hr run time, but at 15lumens, it’s not that usable.



3m Mpro 120 Pico Projector

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[button link=”http://www.3m.com/mpro/products120.html” type=”big” color=”red” newwindow=”yes”] Click here to pick one up![/button]

FROM 3M: The MPro120 is 3M’s second-generation pico projector and it’s a distinct improvement over the MPro110, with a brighter picture, an LED light source rated at 20,000 hours instead of 10,000, and built-in half-watt speakers.


Our review:
The Good:

  • Battery life: 120 Minutes is perfect for a presentation when you’re winging it!
  • Portablilty: a great feature when you have to pack it in your carry on!
  • Resolution: VGA 640×480

The Not so Good:

  • Bare Bones: There is no on board media player so your stuck with your laptop for now!
  • Weak Speakers: for the size of the unit you’d think they could fit a pair that were worth using… you can barely hear em!
  • Value: Once again their are a few other projecotr that arenot as expensive and perform as good while containing better peripherals.