Optoma Pk-101 Pico Projector

HandHeld, Optoma, Pico projector

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FROM OPTOMA: Introducing the amazingly versatile Optoma Pico, the smallest projector you’ve ever seen! Its compact size and durability make it a must have for travel and on-the-spot presentations.


Our review:
The Good:

  • Battery life: 90 minutes
  • design: it is very compact and sleek.

The Not so Good:

  • Bare Bones: There is no on board media player so your stuck with your laptop for now!
  • Weak Speakers: for the size of the unit you’d think they could fit a pair that were worth using… you can barely hear em! AND THERE IS NO AUIDO OUT!
  • Value: Once again their are a few other projecotr that arenot as expensive and perform as good while containing better peripherals.
  • connectivity: No VGA, no mini hdmi, is a bummer for such a steep price.