Samsung Galaxy Line Updated; Smartphone with a Pico Projector included

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The Samsung Galaxy S 2 was well received with the community. It seems that the same momentum that is carrying them might help them push the Galaxy Note and the brand new Galaxy Beam. The Beam is a very nice nod to the future of cellular smartphones, we’ve been predicting this addition to cellular technology for quite some time mainly because it’s just going to work. Although tabs do indeed help out with sharing and displaying information, it’s still inconvenient for more than 2 people to be huddling around one screen. Projectors will indeed be changing the field when they are introduced to consumers in the very near feature.

This phone is a powerhouse without the awesome inclusion of a 15 Lumen pico projector. It is a dual processor phone clocking in at 1ghz and contains an LED 15 Lumen lamp said to deliver up to a 50” screen. The phone is only going to be able to GSM networks such as AT&T and T-Mobile with no plans for a CDMA version of the phone.

The product is said to be launching with a lot of projection apps said to help the user find the value in the projector as a gadget and less as a professional tool. Planned for launch are constellation apps, virtual pets, and other oddities that should help bring in casual users. If there is ever any doubt as to the validity of needing a projector in a cellular device

there are multiple reasons. Primarily apps and games could change in the way that the whole phone could possibly be used as a controller while the media and visuals are taken care of on screen and not on the device itself. Another one is for obvious sharing – instead of holding the phone out or crowding around a tiny 4 inch screen you can now project it so that anyone can use it without causing too much invasion of personal space.


Samsung H03

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FROM SAMSUNG: This pocket-sized projector is light enough to take everywhere but boasts some very impressive features. With an amazing ANSI 30 brightness, you’ll get glowing reviews from everyone. The long-lasting, two hour battery gives you time to watch your favorite movie or put on a show-stopping presentation. And thanks to an external memory capacity of up to 16GB you’ll have enough space for your presentations and multi-media files.




  • Small size, portability
  • Internal memory + many options for input
  • Can run off a battery or AC power


  • Touch control panel is prone to stray touches – would have been nice to see them relegated to a smaller area instead of the whole top.
  • No carrying case for power brick and accessories
  • focus slider harder to use that most.