Kindle Fire HD with Pico Projectors

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I’ve been playing around with a Kindle Fire HD that I borrowed from a friend for the past few days, I think tablets are the way of the future now.  I’ve been using it mostly for Netflix and playing games, but I can also see how it could be used for work, there are a multitude of office apps available to play presentations, look at spreadsheets, and edit word documents with.  The fact that it has a Micro-HDMI port on it allows you to easily hook up any device to it.  I’ve chosen a pico projector to use with it, obviously :)

The only annoying part of using the Kindle Fire HD with a pico projector is the cables you need.  It depends on which projector you have though, if you have one that has a Mini-HDMI port, you’ll need an adapter for that as well.  Right now I’m using a P2 Jr review unit from AAXA Technologies, and it’s serviced quite well with the Kindle Fire HD.  It does have the Mini HDMI port so I did need to buy the adapter.

Once I got it setup it worked pretty well, it mirrors what the Kindle Fire is displaying, so I can show anything from web browsing to playing games, or watching movies.  I did notice a little more lag in games than usual, probably due to the extra processing it has to do to get video output to work, it wasn’t too bad though.

I haven’t noticed too much of a battery drain from using it like this, but I’m sure it is draining the battery a little more than usual.  I would expect maybe a 5-10% decrease in life when using it with video output.

Overall, I was impressed with the Kindle Fire HDs ability to do video output and handle high performance games.  This can definitely be useful if you’re looking to make a sort of “portable entertainment center” for your home or to take with you on trips.

If you’re unsure how to set it up properly, AAXA has setup a page specifically for the Kindle Fire HD, so you can know exactly what steps to follow.

Here is a demo video I found online of someone using the Kindle Fire HD with a pico projector so you can see for yourself the kind of performance you’d get.

Links to some of the products mentioned:

Kindle Fire HD:


Mini HDMI Adapter:

Micro HDMI Cable:


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FROM WOWWEE: Cinemin Slice is a portable pico projector that lovingly cradles and connects to your favorite multimedia devices, splashing your movies, videos, photos, games, and slides on to walls and ceilings, and caressing these enlarged images with rich stereo sound.




  • 6w Speakers it can get quite frustrating to battle the sounds of a fan on projectors but not on this guy.
  • Solid design.
  • connectivity — it’s is very plug and play!


  • Only 2 angles of viewing straight up, or straight forward any other angle you get distortion
  • No carrying case for power brick and accessories
  • focus slider harder to use that most.


Samsung H03

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FROM SAMSUNG: This pocket-sized projector is light enough to take everywhere but boasts some very impressive features. With an amazing ANSI 30 brightness, you’ll get glowing reviews from everyone. The long-lasting, two hour battery gives you time to watch your favorite movie or put on a show-stopping presentation. And thanks to an external memory capacity of up to 16GB you’ll have enough space for your presentations and multi-media files.




  • Small size, portability
  • Internal memory + many options for input
  • Can run off a battery or AC power


  • Touch control panel is prone to stray touches – would have been nice to see them relegated to a smaller area instead of the whole top.
  • No carrying case for power brick and accessories
  • focus slider harder to use that most.


LG HS200

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FROM LG: Ultra-Mobile LED Projector: The most advanced illumination using LED-based digital light source and True Meaning of Mobility The ace of high-tech and stylish design!



The good:

  • It is pretty flexible with is built in media player
  • The LED lamp that’ll last longer than anyone could ever desire
  • image quality Really bright and pretty sharp.

The NOT good:

  • Yes, LG, it is “whisper quiet” – it is just loud enough to be annoying
  • a little bit large when compared to it s competitors.
  • No zoom capability is a limiter
  • Really not cheap – US$430-500 – although LED prices are coming down but we don’t live in the future so….


Dell M109s Micro Projector

dell, Micro Projector, tabletop

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FROM DELL: Weighing in at a mere 0.80 lbs and boasting remarkably small dimensions of only 3.64″ x 4.12″ x 1.46″, this groundbreaking pocket-sized projector lets you take the show on the road like never before. With brightness of 50 ANSI Lumens (Max) and SVGA native resolution of 858 x 600, you will be able to empower yourself by delivering presentations in crisp text and vibrant colors in small group sharing, collaborative meetings, or even impromptu meetings, with confidence and ease. Note: Dell M109S does not support ceiling mounting..

Our review:
The Good:

  • Performance: This little projector pumps out 100 lumens. which is rather bright for its size
  • Image Quality: Looking very clean, there was only a slight amount of image “rain-bowing”
  • Portablilty: Increadably small, we’d like to see a smaller power adapter.
  • design: the combination of sliver and black with the touch controls makes it incredibly apealing.

The Not so Good:

  • The user interface: the touch controls can be a little trick and it is pretty disappointing that there was no remote.
  • Fan: was a little loud at times.
  • Bare Bones: There is not media player on board… meaning you are stuck lugging your laptop with you to every meeting.
  • Price: for its class it is actually a little pricey… since there are a few other projectors that have more features for around$249.



Discovery Expedition Wonderwall


We normally review micro and pico projectors, however today i am reviewing the “Discovery Wonderwall” projector. We decided to review this  because of the price point… (at $70 it competes -in price- with quite a few of the pico and micro projector companies.)

As, we were buying it off of amazon i knew we were going to regret even waisting our time with reviews like:

I bought this projector from a local “Bed Bath & Beyond” store. This thing looks nice, but does not perform. It is absolutely useless. The light in it doesn’t even shine as bright as a cheap $1.00 flashlight would. If you have ANY light on, you can not even tell that it is working (other than the sound of the fan). If you turn every single light in your house off, you can see a faint square of light projected on your wall. The image inside that square of light is unrecognizable. You can see faint shapes….but you can’t tell what they are. It is impossible to view photos or movies with it, regardless of what some other reviewers may say. The light is not bright enough to properly project the images, and turning the focus knob does nothing to improve this. Please save yourself the money and time it takes to have to try to return this piece of junk. I ignored the negative reviews, figuring that people were just being too picky, and I regret it now.

that review pretty much nails it. It is a TERRIBLE projector and not only that the images they use in the advertising are SOOOOO misleading… they show a family projecting it onto the ceiling… while the instructions recommend not to be father that 3ft… (ive never been in a room with 3ft ceilings so these are obviously fake… what a disappointment.



  • In expesive


  • large size
  • plastic un focusable lens
  • minimal inputs
  • VERY LOW brightness
  • incredibly horrible resolution